Financial Assistance Policy

At Cornerstone Christian Academy for Learning and Leadership, we want to help those in financial need still make a Christian education a reality for their child(ren). Applications for assistance should be made only after earnest prayer and careful consideration of all aspects of your family’s financial circumstances. The use of financial assistance funds in cases where the need is not acute may deprive others of educational opportunities. CCALL’s assessment of financial need takes into consideration all sources of income, priority in spending, debt and expenses. We must be good stewards of the gift given to us from generous donations for financial assistance.

Application Review Process

After applications are reviewed by the Financial Assistance Committee, awards are distributed based on qualifying need and funds available. The amount of financial assistance awarded to any individual family is solely the discretion of CCALL. Families who received assistance in the prior year and continue to need assistance must reapply. The award for each year is determined independently of awards from prior years and may change or discontinue due to a family’s financial circumstance or funding available for financial assistance. Financial assistance awards are determined annually but applied to accounts monthly and are subject to withdrawal in the case of families/students who fall out of compliance with any of the eligibility requirements used in determining the annual award. In order to be as helpful as possible to the greatest number of families as well as maintain the CCALL commitment to partner with families in every aspect of a child’s education (including financial responsibility), full tuition assistance will not be awarded.


  • Full-time students in Kindergarten through High School are eligible for financial assistance.
    Families in need of financial assistance must first submit completed enrollment forms and payment of enrollment fees for the applicable Kindergarten through 8th-grade program.
  • Enrollment fees will be reimbursed if families are not awarded enough assistance to afford tuition and choose to withdraw their student(s) from CCA.
  • Families of enrolled students are then eligible to apply for financial assistance online through the FACTS link at or by visiting A complete application, submission of necessary supporting documentation and payment of a $35 non-refundable application fee is required. A copy of your credit report from the current year is also required. Information on how to receive your free credit report is provided on your application in FACTS.
  • Returning families who want first priority can submit their financial assistance application between February 1st and February 14th. New families can begin submitting their financial assistance applications on February 15th for the upcoming school year.
  • No financial assistance will be considered if there is a delinquent balance of prior year tuition at CCALL or other private schools.
  • Financial assistance awards are based on family financial need as demonstrated through completion of the Financial Assistance Request Form, submission of required additional information, interview of the family, and review by the CCALL Financial Assistance Committee. Incomplete forms or information will result in a delay in processing and determination of award, if any.
  • Families/students must be in compliance with the terms in the Parent Contract.
  • Students for which tuition assistance has been awarded are required to be in good standing academically and behaviorally as well as maintain a minimum of 95% attendance.
  • Account balances for tuition and fees must be kept current. In accordance with CCALL policy, students will not be permitted to continue attending school if the corresponding account becomes 45 days or more past due.