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Early Childhood & Grades K-11 2024-25 School Year

Christ-centered education

At Cornerstone Christian Academy for Learning and Leadership, God’s word is integrated into everything we do.  We teach students to understand and live with an eternal perspective while maintaining a daily, personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Cornerstone builds its academic house on the unwavering truths of God’s Word.

By sending your children to Cornerstone, you will allow them to build on a foundation of the absolute truth of the Bible. Years from now, when the strong winds of life blow in, that firm foundation of God’s truth, combined with your own prayers and influence, will help lead your children on the right path.

What you can expect

Cornerstone’s culture is designed to inspire and reveal the learners’ giftedness, passion, and curiosity. Teachers use the learners’ curiosity to frame questions which inspires the search for answers and allows students to discover God’s truth.

We know learners perform best when teachers develop a genuine relationship with them that encourages and challenges engagement, critical thinking, and exploration.

What makes us different

With a culture designed to inspire, Cornerstone has crafted an educational practice that is innovative, effective and Christ Centered. Compared to over 32,000 public, private, and Christian schools Cornerstone was found, by our accreditation agency (Cognia), to be well above the national average in all areas assessed. Ninety-five percent of parents, students and staff rated the school exceptional.

Utilizing research, best practices, state of the art technology, and classrooms designed for the future; Cornerstone is teaching students to think, learn, and lead from a Biblical World View.

Our tools for learning

To prepare students for a smooth transition into the future workforce, instructional practices must engage students in relevant, real-world experiences that support critical thinking, collaboration, problem solving, and the use of digital tools. Our goal is to create a learning environment that honors the Creator and uses knowledge and technology to advance the Kingdom of God.

CCALL students are assigned an age-appropriate technology device as part of their instructional program. All classrooms have multiple large displays, smart whiteboards, and furniture that foster collaborative learning opportunities. Student workspaces are carefully designed from research on movement, time/attention span, and are adapted for a range of learning techniques.